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UK Partners Against Crime

Stronger Together

A community of like-minded businesses, local authorities, police, crime prevention agencies and legal professionals. All working together to improve trading and community safety.

Our Partners

What’s included?

Becoming a community member costs just £20 per month

As a member, you will have access to:

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A Message from our Chairman

I have operated in the world of tackling business crime for over 20 years and I am a passionate advocate for a partnership and collaborative approach being the right way forward in dealing not only with the crime and the offender, but just as importantly; the reason or motivation for the crime. There is no doubt that business crime is on the increase. Statistics show that violent crime and in particular the use of weapons, is at its worst in over 70 years…

Other reasons to join

Exclusion Notice Scheme

Participation in an Exclusion Notice Scheme and repeat offender targeting activity that includes: productive collaboration with local police and Civil Injunctions.


UKPAC is a co-operative and as such, all surplus funds will be channelled into crime prevention & crime reduction activity. As a member, you will have a vote on where and on what these funds will be spent on.

Support Rehabilitation Schemes

A significant amount of retail and community crime is driven by drug dependency, at UKPAC we believe in supporting those who want to break free from such addiction. On your behalf, we will support (wherever possible) local organisations who deliver proven rehabilitation schemes. This approach not only reduces crime, it can also save lives.

Crime Reporting Platform

You will have access to the Crime Reporting Platform, a unique, online information-sharing system that is helping drive down low-level crime and antisocial behaviour across the UK. Over 500 towns and city centres use this particular Crime Reporting Platform across the UK, as well as national retailers, many of the largest shopping centres in the country, security companies and police authorities

It empowers communities, via the mobile and desktop application, to ‘self-manage’ the reporting of low-level crime and ASB. In turn, enabling local authorities to work faster and smarter with the community to deliver effective, joined-up community policing, in real-time.

We Support

The Association of Convenience Stores is the voice of over 33,500 local shops and supports their members through effective lobbying, comprehensive advice and innovative networking opportunities.

ACS’ core purpose is to lobby Government on the issues that make a difference to local shops, supported by an expanding research programme designed to discover new information about the convenience sector which can be used to inform decision making both in Government and with those involved directly in the sector.

ACS fulfil a vital role within the convenience retail sector and UKPAC is proud to support their work.

The ShopKind campaign is uniting the retail sector to tackle violence and abuse against shop workers by asking people to ShopKind when in stores. ShopKind is backed by the Home Office and it aims to:

  • Encourage positive behaviours in shops

  • Acknowledge the important role of shop workers
  • Highlight the scale and impact of violence and abuse against shop workers

If you have questions about the ShopKind campaign or would like to be added to the ShopKind Campaign mailing list, please contact Edward Woodall, ACS Government Relations Director.

Why we started

The UK is facing a whole new era of austerity, fueled by underfunded public resources and only made worse by the COVID crisis. Statistics show that violent crime and the use of weapons is at its worst in over 70 years…

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Stronger Together

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