J**  M**** a, prolific Portsmouth offender. Projected monthly losses amounted to approximately £11,105.98, as this offender was hitting stores hard and regularly. An initial Exclusion Notice had no effect on mitigating his offences. The Legal Department opened up all avenues of prosecution against him, starting Civil Court Injunction Proceedings and liaising with the Police to ensure a rapid and successful arrest and prosecution. On January the 15th 2021 J** M**** was arrested and prosecuted by Hampshire Constabulary, and sentenced to 5-Months imprisonment reliant on evidence submitted by the Legal Department on behalf of its clients.

The Courts also granted a 2-Year Criminal Behaviour Order against him, preventing him from entering any named Portsmouth stores. The Legal Department is still seeking Civil-Proceedings against Mr M****, to increase the scope and length of any order, to include the area outside of Portsmouth.