16 Weeks Imprisonment

Miss T*****, an extremely prolific Portsmouth offender and a key target of “Operation Monster”, with projected offences amounting to over £21,000. The UKPAC Crime Hub and Legal Team worked extensively with Hampshire Constabulary to facilitate the arrest and successful prosecution of this offender. The collated evidence made it irrefutable that this individual had committed numerous thefts, caused harassment, alarm and distress, and had spat in a retail workers face.

Heavily reliant on this evidence, the Police arrested her in mid-July 2020 and the Courts sentenced her to 16-Weeks imprisonment. The Legal Team continued to seek Civil-Proceedings against her, succeeding with a 2-Year Civil-Court Injunction preventing her from entering or remaining within a select group of Portsmouth (and the surrounding area) stores. Since being personally served, the levels of offences have dropped – but not ceased. The Legal Team are now seeking committal proceedings against this offender, inclusive of the injunction and previous sentences in order to seek a custodial sentence.