Offences Dropped to Zero

Mr. D**** a, prolific Bristol offender. Projected losses amounted to approximately £12,550.00. An initial Exclusion Notice did not show any signs of mitigating his behaviour, however, after pursuing an Injunction, Mr D**** number of offences dropped significantly but did not cease.

The UKPAC Crime Hub and Legal Team sought committal proceedings for breaching his Injunction Order. It was found by the courts that Mr. D**** had in fact breached his order, and subsequently, the Courts ordered the original injunction order be extended – and should Mr D**** fail to comply, he will be sentenced to 10-Weeks imprisonment for Contempt of Court. After being visited by a UKPAC Security Team at his address of residence, and ordered to refrain from entering any of the named premises, his number of offences dropped to zero. Mr D****’s injunction is enforced up until September 2021 – and remains under heavy observation.