UK PAC and the ideas and principles of the ‘County Partnership Model’, were generated by a group of local businessmen who have themselves been involved in dealing with business crime through collaborative and partnership means for several years.

They identified that for many businesses – especially those who traded outside of the major cities and towns – there was very little (if any) support in dealing with business crime; and especially for retailers, in dealing with shop theft, repeat offenders and anti-social behaviour. The level of abuse, threats of violence and incidents of actual violence had reached unacceptable levels.

Action was needed and that action resulted in the birth of UK PAC.

UK PAC creates an online community of businesses across the County, where; by use of a secure and proven incident reporting platform, businesses can quickly and easily report all crime incidents and local intelligence.

All this information will be collated and analysed by the UK PAC team so that, for example, repeat offenders can be identified. And via the use of geo-mapping, areas suffering from increased criminal activity can be identified.

UK PAC will, on your behalf, add to this wealth of data their own intelligence and incident reports from their membership base that includes 80+ national brand retailers, this will result in a richness of business crime data unequalled in the UK.

Action and support for businesses can then be delivered by UK PAC resources by targeting the identified repeat offenders, or by deploying highly trained and accredited Wardens to localised areas of concern.

All actions will be taken in partnership with the Police.

Together we will deal with the offender by one or more of the following methods:


Provide the police with all appropriate evidence and statements including Business and Victim Impact Statements to CPS requirements, so that the offender can be successfully arrested, charged and brought before the Courts. Instead of the Courts dealing with a singular offence, they will have evidence of multiple offences leading to a (hopefully) more successful conviction and harsher sentencing.


UK PAC will take Civil Court action against repeat offenders to obtain an appropriate Injunction. Whilst application is a Civil Court matter, any breach of a Court Order (normally) carries a custodial sentence. These are enormously powerful and effective tools.


All to often repeat offenders, particularly those that commit shop theft, do so because of a substance or alcohol addiction. Many refuse help. However, working with Police and other organisation’s, UK PAC will help to meet the cost of placing an appropriate offender candidate who wishes to turn their life around, through such a rehab programme.

Why we started

The UK is facing a whole new era of austerity, fueled by underfunded public resources and only made worse by the COVID crisis. Statistics show that violent crime and the use of weapons is at its worst in over 70 years…

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